About Stinalina

This blog is about my adventures in Second Life but it’s more than that. It was started on the fundament of an other blog. I began my existence in Second Life three years ago as Stinalina Dreamscape. I entered the world a few times but then left, partly because my computer wasn’t good enough and partly because it hadn’t caught my interest (probably because of my constant computer issues).

In february 2011, I decided to try have a look again – inspired by the book The Virtual Life of Fizzy Oceans by David A. Ross – not sure if Second Life even existed anymore. I had a vision of myself as pretty blonde by the name of Bunny Libris. For some reason, I couldn’t create an avatar with that username so I just used my old account and added the name Bunny Libris – and I was instantly hooked. I loved it all. But not many days went by before I felt an identity crisis. I started feeling disconnected and I felt like I needed to put myself more inside Second Life. So Bunny Libris was eventually ditched and instead I went back to my original name, a name that felt more like me. And I created an avatar that felt like me. She’s more like me than Bunny Libris ever was. In the beginning, Stinalina dressed like me but as time went by – weeks only – Stinalina started to evolve and now she dresses very different than I do – but like I would dress in an ideal world.

Stinalina has truly become an idealized version of me – not only because of her looks and style, but also because of what she does. Pretty quickly I started feeling that I wanted to contribute to SL in some way. I feel like just by being in SL you are in a way creating a virtual performance art piece – but I want more. So this blog is also a way for me to explore what I want to do.

Hope to see you soon, either here or in SL 🙂

Stinalina Dreamscape

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