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Art Hunt (part 2)

Well, finally I got around to continuing my art hunt. Now, this takes forever for me to do because I look at everything wherever I go.

In this round, I got to go to some really amazing galleries. I love this hunt because I get to visit these very different galleries that each have their own voice, their own type of art. Of the more traditional galleries, I loved Cadeling and Vespertine.

Let’s start with Cadeling Gallery since it was the first I visited. I had had trouble finding Cadeling Gallery by using the search. Luckily the hunt provided a LM because I was happy to visit. Cadeling is – at least at this time of year – a very peaceful gallery. You can sit quiet and contemplate while watching the snow falling. And I liked the art as well – especially the art by Ling Serenity. Luckily, the piece given out by this gallery was one of my favorites, a piece I would have come back and bought later. Still, I will definitely return, both to sit and relax but also to buy some more pieces.

Sighs – Vespertine Gallery… What can I say? I loved it! This is the kind of art where you stop in front of each piece and just let your mind flow, you get inspired to dream and reflect. I love art like this and I made a very long wishlist while walking around in this gallery. I definitely want to buy some of Talullah Winterwolf’s pieces because they are so inspiring to look at and be drawn into. The building itself was this bare brick style with amazing windows – kind of made you think of an old factory converted into art gallery.

I wanted to show you my favorite piece – but when I started looking at all the pictures I took, I realized that to show one piece and claim it as my favorite is impossible. So this is just one of the pieces I liked. Talullah Winterwolf works with layering because it resembles the way our memories are layered on top of each other and thereby influencing each other.

My third love was Project Z – especially Scottius Polke’s Mushroom Interactive Illustration. First of, when I just saw the poster, it made me think of one of Van Gogh’s paintings of the bedroom in the yellow house where he lived with Gaugain. And I loved Van Gogh so I was looking forward to seeing this.

Turned out, that when I got there, I forgot Van Gogh and felt completely like Alice in Wonderland. This is a really fun interactive art piece where you get to be very small in a big room. You can sit your small self in a big rocking chair, dance with amoebas, lie on (smelly) socks and more. It’s all very cool and I liked it a lot.

Finally, Trailer Trash. I really used a lot of time here. First, just admiring the installation and looking at everything and trying to grasp what the artist, oona Eiren, wanted to express. Remember to set your settings to midnight at this place (but also play a bit with the light – it looks so different when you change settings). And listen to the sounds. It’s really hard to take pictures of this but I just wanted to give you a glimpse. Secondly, looking for the hunt item. Turned out the hunt is actually over so oona had taken it down – luckily for me, she was actually there while I visited so I got to talk with her, very interesting!

I also just want to mention the art of Feathers Bay Gallery. This gallery had some great pieces which transformed as you walked towards them. I loved how it reacted to your proximity and used SL to the fullest. Not possible in real life (well, maybe it is but not quite like this, I don’t think).

For me, the Art Hunt was a really great hunt. It wasn’t very difficult which meant that you had time to really enjoy the artworks and the buildings. I also took some time to walk in several of the neighborhoods of the galleries since often the neighbors were also galleries and I got to do some great shopping as well in small boutiques around the galleries. I loved visiting the galleries and seeing all the different artist styles and I was really happy that so many different artists were together in this. I’m definitely going to visit several of the galleries again and I’m very grateful to the whole Art Hunt team. And thanks for the great art! Some really cool pieces in between!

What I’m wearing:

  • Jeans: Ripped78s (Dark Warm Blue) – by Nena Janus for *League*
  • Shirt: Lulu top concord – by Janie Marlowe for Jane
  • Tank top: Intrinsic tank (blue powder) – by Janie Marlowe for Jane (free gift)
  • Shoes: Pumps (Violet-Pink) – Onyx LeShelle for Maitreya (Group Gift Pumps)
  • Scarf: Wrap-Stripes Cool – by Nena Janus for *League*

Yes, I know I reuse a lot of the stuff I wear right now but I have a couple of reasons for that. First of, I love the stuff – my jeans for instance are just so cool and perfectly ripped. Second, I actually find it hard to find this type of laid-back and very casual clothes. Maybe I haven’t found the right stores yet but I don’t really think that’s it. I think that with all the possibilities we have in Second Life, most people don’t want to wear just a simple shirt, tank top and jeans – they want excitement and extravaganza – what most of us doesn’t have in real life. And I don’t blame them – hopefully, I will evolve together with my avatar in a way so she also can take full advantage of the very cool stuff you can get! (Just want to mention that Jane is a great place to get basic stuff like tank tops, stockings, scarves …)

Anyway, this was supposed to be a post about art so I’ll shut up about clothes. We’ll take the casual clothing discussion some other time!

Read the first post about I ❤ Art Hunt here.

(And btw, Cadeling Gallery looks nothing like when I first visited it – spring has come (but it’s still beautiful and peaceful):


Project Endless Possibilities

Virtual Identity in an Ever-changing World

While working through my own virtual identity crisis, I started wondering about avatars. We all have endless possibilities of creating our avatars so they are exactly what we want them to be. So why did I need an avatar who looked and dressed somewhat like me? Why didn’t I want something completely different – someone fabulous always dressing in the latest and coolest fashion, changing looks and hair and outfits at least every day? For me, I figured out I wanted to put myself more out there, I wanted my avatar to resemble me more. I wanted to have my avatar to be a virtual version of me, traveling around in SL. Maybe it will change over time, or maybe I will stay like this – we’ll see.

But this led me to think about all the different avatars and why people choose to represent themselves as they do. There are so many different avatars out there, and I want to know about the thoughts behind because I think most people put a lot of thought into their looks.

So this led to Project Endless Possibilities.

Right now this is only the beginning. I’m currently looking for avatars willing to participate in this project.

To participate: If you want to be a part of this, either IM me in world or email me at Also, I will sometimes ask avatars I meet to participate. I would love to have as many different avatars participating as possible – every avatar, no matter shape, skin, form … is welcome!

I have written some questions below that I ask participants to ponder and then I ask them to write a few paragraphs about their avatar, both the shape and skin they wear but also the clothes – or the animal shape or whatever they’re wearing. I also need a picture – either we can meet up and I can take it on the grid somewhere or participants can make their own pictures and email them to me. I encourage participants to make a list of what they’re wearing – but this is not a necessity.

All participants will be featured on this blog.

As I said, I don’t know what this will lead to but I would like to have emails on all participating so I can send updates out if necessary. Eventually, I would like to at least collect it all together in a pdf-file so participants can get this if interested but we’ll see what it all ends up with.

The questions:

  • Does your avatar look like or represent your real life self?
  • Do you make significant changes to your avatar often?
  • Why have you chosen to have your avatar look like he/she/it does?
  • Do you have a signature look?
  • Is it important to you how your avatar looks?
  • Do you have some basics that you always wear (certain color of hair, eyes or …)?

Feel free to emphasize what you feel is most important – or add to these questions if you think something else is more important to you and your avatar.

This project began on March 4th, 2011.


Identity in a Virtual World

“I pretended to be somebody I wanted to be until finally I became that person. Or he became me.”

~ Archibald Alexander Leach, aka Cary Grant ( Quote found here.)

I think I need to change. Or I know I need to change. Luckily, in Second Life, this is easy. Just a few clicks and you’re done. But not quite so in my case. You see, I don’t just want to change my hair or find a new outfit. I want to change my whole avatar and my perspective on Second Life.

I’ve been thinking a lot these last couple of days because even though I’ve been loving every minute I’ve spend inside the grid and even though almost everything I do right now involves SL in some form or other, I’ve been feeling more and more detached and estranged.

So I need to change to become what I want to be. And to do so, I need to consider what my avatar represents for me and what I want to be (I can be anything – no limits – but what do I really want to be???).

What I’m wearing:

  • Shape: Lucy (C-cup) – Fade Lei for Ugly Duck
  • Skin: Lucy Nude – Fade Lei for Ugly Duck
  • Hair: Who Knew (violetdawn) – Exile
  • Dress: Topolinia – Fae Eriksen for Fishy Strawberry
  • Stockings: Corazon Stockings (pink) – LeeZu Baxter for LeeZu! (freebie)
  • Shoes: 3″ Ankle Multicolor Boots (Black leather boots) – N-core design (free gift)
  • Necklace: LBD LaPerla (Black/Pink) – LeeZu Baxter for  LeeZu! (freebie)
  • Bracelet: Bangles (brown wood) – Fishy Strawberry (free gift)
  • Choker: Brown Wood Choker – Fishy Strawberry (free gift)
  • Location: Vagabonds (and the club The Euphorika)

(Originally posted at, March 1 2011)

What kind of signals are we sending?

When I joined Second Life, I was drawn to a kind of avatar and clothing that were … let’s just call it sexy. And when wearing outfits like the one featured in this post, I was chatted up a lot – a lot, a lot! – by guys and girls. And it was very clear what a lot of them wanted. Some of them were very explicit about it ‘lesbian sex, you and me CLIMAX’. I declined all such offers but it got me thinking.

In the real world, if a girl dresses sexy and provocatively, she is chatted up a lot. Sometimes she is more than chatted up and if something happens to her, some people believe it to be her fault, because she invited it by looking that way. I don’t subscribe to this line of thought but it is a bit weird to me when the same thing happens in Second Life. Let’s face it, a lot of the (female) avatars are looking sexy. And if you just want to get some hot pixel loving, maybe that’s all there is to it. But I like to see the avatars as some kind of expression of the person who is sitting behind the screen and in that case, maybe pixel loving isn’t all there is to it.

Maybe it’s me who’s completely missing the point here. Since you can be anything  you want in SL and you choose to be explicitly sexy and very provocative dressed, isn’t that because you want something? Maybe – in SL, not RL – when dressing like this and not wanting any action, I am sending the wrong signals after all …

What I’m wearing:

This was/is one of my favourite outfits to wear while going out dancing. It looks great when you move in it as does the hair, it’s see-through and sexy all the way. (Although I do have an issue with the boots – they look a bit strange?)

It might be a bit porn model (especially with the hair) but for this skin and shape, I still love it, no matter what signals I’m sending.

(Originally posted at, February 24 2011)