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It’s so hooooooooot …

… and I’m outside enjoying it, playing with the kids, going on day trips, visiting friends and family – and just playing RL …

But tonight, my bf wanted to check out Fantasy Football so instead of reading and watching House, we both got online – and I so enjoyed spending some time back in SL again. I wanted to get some sorting done – my inventory is a huge mess again, so cluttered – but of course, I hardly did anything. I unpacked a couple of boxes – and then I went to The Dressing Room, to Fashionable Late, to League, Boho Hobo and a couple of other places and bought more stuff … It’s not like I need anything when I don’t spend more time in SL than I do at the moment – but SL shopping is so hard to resist while SL inventory cleaning is the easiest thing in the world to resist. At least, I’m almost ready to do anything else than sit down and get sorting. So here I am, relaxing on some rather new lounges from Zoe’s Garden (at least I think they’re rather new – I’ve kind of lost track of everything while away), wearing a bikini I bought a while ago but never put on.

What I’m wearing:

  • Bikini: Sabrina6 – Kara Dresler for K-code 
  • Necklace: NoTime Necklace – Line (Available at this week’s Fashionably Late)
  • Glasses: Hipster Peepers (candy gloss) – Miel Nirvana for Miel
  • Hair: Voulez-Vous (ember) – Sebastien Aries for Shag
  • Freckles: Extra Freckles – Launa Fauna for L.Fauna
  • Eyes: ‘Sunrise’ Eyes (Deep blue) – Ikon Innovia for FASHISM
  • Skin: Emma (fair, 06 Slate – copper brows – freckles) – Tuli Asturias for Tuli
  • Shape: Bodyshape 1 (Avie) – Emilia Redgrave for REDGRAVE (modified by me)

Pose prop: Lazy Day Lounge –  Adele Rhiadra for Zoe’s Garden

(Oh – and I didn’t mean to hoot like an owl in the title – just meant to emphasize that it’s really really hot here 😉 )


Project Fur Japan – now open!

As I’ve written earlier, all donations to JEARS (Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support) will be published on the official blog for Project Fur Japan so everybody can see that the money we spend, will actually go to the right place. The first donation has already been made (see here). The opening of Project Fur Japan was moved to Sunday 9 pm SLT instead of Saturday but already over 2 million Lindens have been collected!

Some other information about this event:

The VKC Polar Bear and the Penguin are BACK!
We are very pleased to announce that the very desirable VKC Polar Bear and the immensely enjoyable VKC Penguins are back on sale again for a very limited period.
From April 2 to April 30 2011 you can get a VKC Polar Bear or a VKC Penguin from our place at the Project FUR Japan Sim.

And from the VKC Dog Parks:

I have to do something for the animals in crisis in Japan. For the next seven days I will donate ALL the revenue from VKC Dog Sales to, the group coordinating animal rescue and support efforts in Japan.
There is something you can do too.  Bring your friends to a VKC Park and adopt a dog.  Everyone who adopts a VKC Dog this week not only gets a wonderful SL companion, they also help someone’s distressed RL companion.  Let’s see just how much money we can raise!

See more here.

Today’s outfit is from Project Fur Japan as well as The Dressing Room Blue and some accessories from other places.

What I’m wearing:

  • Outfit: InCity4 – Kara Dresler for K-code Buy it at Project Fur Japan!!!
  • Shoes: Camilla Shoes (cherish) – Baiastice
  • Hair: Polly (Auburn mix) – Exile (The Dressing Room Blue)
  • Jewelry: Dogtags – Tonk Tomcat for Tonktastic
  • Tattoo: Tattoo Camo – Coca Faxel for Coca & Wolf
  • Makeup: Make-up Layer 08 – aida Ewing for Glam Affair
  • Eyes: ‘Sunrise’ Eyes (Deep blue) – Fashism (bought at Fashion for Life. Fashism hasn’t got a store in-world yet.)
  • Skin: Emma (fair, 06 Slate – copper brows – red lips)) – Tuli Asturias for Tuli
  • Shape: Emma – Tuli Asturias for Tuli (modified by me)

Read the official blog for Project Fur Japan here.

And yes, I beat the lag at Pose Fair today!