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Project Endless Possibilities (26): Klark Harvy

(I’m happy to introduce you to another participant in Project Endless Possibilities. Please welcome Klark Harvy. Klark has chosen to answer in essay style. You can read more about the project, see the questions as well as find the previous entries – and read about how you participate – here.)

The creation of my avatar as it now stands has evolved. Initially it was not based on myself but a much younger youth, a look that i figured was a cute one. As it has evolved it has aged some too and is now a very close resemblance to myself in RL, maybe its about the finding of myself and coming full circle of acceptance. I am very happy with my avatar image, but will continue to buy better more realistic skins and possible modify the shape to how i feel i am in RL.

I don’t make any significant changes to my avatar very often, although on a few occasions i have been emotionally “down” and made some attempts to recreate myself.. only to find a few hours later i am like 3k poorer and i revert back to my original avatar shape and skin :/

I have chosen my avatar to look like this because it does resemble me in RL, and it does get a lot of attention, i guess i like that kudos, and it makes my SL more real for me.

I think my signature look is just as i am.. like i said i tend to often revert back after attempting to make adjustments, so i guess this is me and i’m comfortable with it.

It is very important to me how my avatar looks. I believe it makes a difference to how you are treated in SL. Unfortunately people label you according to how you dress and how unique and attractive you appear in your second life. I think my look has greatly contributed to my success in SL both professionally and personally.

The basics that are always me are; my hair, eyes and skin and shape. They only change when im doing shows that maybe require short hair or a beefed up body.

How other avatars look tells me a lot about them in reality. It allows me to see their creative level and also how self confident they are in RL, and what they feel is important to attract the opposite sex to them. I have never avoided talking to avatars by the way they look, i help new people a lot in SL and buy them things to enable them to feel more happy with their avatar.

When i first joined SL, i spent a lot of time on creating a unique looking avatar. I wanted to be respected for my creative skills and it was my first outlet to portray this. Now i guess its easier for me but just as important, so no, my thoughts on my appearance hasn’t changed much.

SL has influenced my RL greatly. At a time when my self esteem was real low and in times of despairing illness, SL has enabled me to gain self preservation and also healing.

My avatar is a facet of me. It is not completely me, but a very big part of who I am in RL too. I guess its a very close visual representation of me but expresses emotion much more freely than my RL persona.

In conclusion..
In SL i can feel that all of me is being expressed. What fails or is weak in RL i can bolster in SL. I can confront my fears here in a safe way, which enables me to grow and personally develop in RL.
My Avatar is more than a tool, it is a virtual representation which completes my whole personality. And in totality, my life is RL and SL.

The whole is more than the sum of the parts.

(Photos by Klark Harvy.)

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