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Going to the Zoo with TOSL

I love creative challenges – I love the idea of giving a group of designers a concept to work from and to see what they come up with. Project Themeory did this – but well, at least for later weeks, not very successfully. I was disappointed several weeks in a row but the project have taken a much-needed break in this month and hopefully, they’ll come back stronger.

Taste of Second Life (TOSL), however, are doing thematic sales as well and this week, the theme is Zoo. The designers are encouraged to think about all you can do in a zoo and then just design – and some amazing things have come out of this idea. There are 24 participating stores and you get everything from shoes, dresses, furniture to an amazing owl pose set! (There’s also an elephant pose set!) This truly is an incredible week!

Right now I’m only showing you a few things from this weeks TOSL but there are lots of other goodies.

And I don’t even like snakes and dislike stuff made from snake skin – but this dress, I like it!


  • * Dress: MANON Dress (The Zoo TOSL) –  Archan Allen for Bounce
  • * Shoes: Selene Boots (Red & Black Python) – Baby Monkey (comes with a bag as well – not shown here)
  • * Pose: You Owl My Heart – Lisanna Lauria for Lauria

And don’t forget that the Taste of SL: The Hunt starts on June 15 with lots and lots and lots of more goodies from fabulous designers!

You can see which designers are participating here. And for the duration of the hunt, there’s also a a gatcha sidewalk sale at the Alexohol mall.

Taste of SL aims to bring you HIGH QUALITY bargins from some of the brightest and best stores in Second Life! We aim to bring you a mix of your old favorties as well as expose you to some of your soon to be new ones!

What themes will TOSL have?

We will rotate seasonal, fun, and random themes. Requests may be taken from time to time. Watch for group announcements!

How do I get TOSL information?

You can always check this website (http://tasteofsl.blogspot.com/), OR Join the Taste of Second Life Shoppers group!

What are items priced at?

Each week, participating designers will set out an item(s) priced at 50% off their normal price. This price will not exceed 250L.

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