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Pimp your Pumps – how they work

So I’ve been playing a bit with these new Gos shoes and here’s how they work. They’re kind of fun to play with and as new accents are released, they will be even more fun.

So I chose to play with the point platforms. Here’s how they look when I put them on – straight out of the box:

So this is the starting point. I then chose to start playing with the texture. You can choose to change the color of the shoe, sole and heel – or all of it at once. And there’s 15 colors to choose from. You can have your heel one color, your shoe a second and your sole a third if you so desire. I chose to make the shoe plum, and heel and sole both black.

Then it was time to add a bow. There are 6 types of bows to choose from – again, each of them in 15 colors. So – lots of options. I added a coffee bow to my shoes.

So far, the shoes only come with that one accent – various type of bows. But others are coming. One thing I really like is, that Gos will have other designers work on creating accents for the shoes. So the idea is that someone who is really an expert on creating jewelry or flowers, create these accents for the shoes. So not only get we cool shoes – we get accents from all different kinds of designers!

The shoes are incredibly easy to use. You just touch them and a menu opens where you can choose – it takes no time at all. I really love how you can choose whether to sync your shoes or not. It’s very easy to style your shoe – and then you can decide if both shoes should look the same or not. How amazing is that?

What I’m wearing:

Shoes: * Pimp your Pumps (point platform) – Gospel Voom for Gos

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