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They’re finally here!!! (Pimp your Pumps by Gos)

So long, long time ago – well, on May 14th to be precise – I mentioned that Gos was coming out with something new and exciting. It was supposed to debut at Shoe Fair but got delayed a bit but they’re finally here. Yes, they’re new shoes – but they’re so much more than that. So so much more.

Let me start by quoting from the notecard that came out tonight:

[Gos] Pimp Your Pumps™ is the exciting new range of womens shoes from Gos, giving you complete control over how you want to wear your shoes. Just as the name suggests we’re giving you the ability to style your own shoes by providing a range of footwear in a multitude of colours and accents to ‘pimp your pumps’.

Each introductory fatpack comprises a total of 15 colours and 6 bow accents just to get you started.

So yes – we all get the ability to play around with our shoes and customize them as we want! I was lucky enough to ran into Gospel Voom at Shoe Fair and well, after I was done being big-eyed fan girl, I tried to pump him for every bit of information about these. There are 9 shoes in the range in various color packs – and then you can add more colors and accents. Now everyone familiar with Gos knows that boots like Curvaceous and Docs come with the ability to change color by purchasing polish and when you’ve opened the polish once, you can swap the colors easily back and forth and even combine them – and it takes seconds. (Once one has figured it out … for some of us, it did take a bit longer … see here.) These have even more possibilities – you can add bows, ribbon and laces for instance – and there are more than 100,000 combinations so not much chance of showing up to the party with the same shoes as someone else! It all comes with a menu, no hud, so very easy to use.

So what this is, is you can take your basic shoes, your pumps, and then you can twist them as you like, completely dependent on what you feel like, your mood. Add stuff, change the colors – and of course, more options will come down the line. This is going to be so much fun!

Okay, I’ll show you pictures of the real deal later on – just wanted to get this out there as quickly as possible. And yeah, I know I’m on that self-imposed shoe-buying ban but come on – this is the biggest thing since alpha layers or something, so these I gotta have!

You can read more – as well as see more pictures of these pretty shoes – at the Gos blog.

(Btw – he also promised lots of new polishes for the Docs!!! Can’t wait ;-P)

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