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Project Endless Possibilities (22): Eupalinos Ugajin

(Eupalinos Ugajin is not your typical SL resident. He has many avatars – more than 50, he told me – and he combines them so the number is even higher. And these are not your typical avatars either. Therefore, Eupalinos’ entry in this project is different from most. You can read more about the project as well as find the previous entries here.)

In Second Life :

A wall has no texture, at least not one you could explore with your fingers.

Some bread coming out of an oven is just a just an information.

The wind evolves in tiny cubes.


So what is this thing about this space ?

Is it the smile that comes to you when you discover that gravity is just an option ?

Could it be this short distance between an idea and a prim ?

The irony of a simulated danger ?

Your inventions/your avatar’s appearance can easily be the meeting point between two persons who will never “see” each other.

Could it be a more direct connection between our brains ?

Forget “weather conversations” and play with legos (prims) or stop the Sun where you want in the sky (windlights).

Is it the (false) hope to exert less pressure on this Planet by only invading a world made of pixels ?

When I say I play Second Life some people reply : but it is not “REAL!”
I answer it is as real as anything created by Mankind. (If I had to use the word “Real” I would just go and sit in front of a tree or anything that was created by Nature).

Is Second Life some sort of “Invention of Morel” you could play with ?

In Second Life I am a two years old child climbing a staircase and laughing at all the energies used. Here to explore its possibilities and limits =  “…la dure réalité de la fiction…” (Raymond Devos)

(Photos by Eupalinos Ugajin.)

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