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Project FURniture Japan

Did you notice the title? Isn’t it clever? I’m mighty proud of myself for coming up with it. Of course, you don’t know why it’s a good title. See, I went back to Project Fur Japan to see what I had missed the first time since I knew some designers hadn’t set up completely then. And, since I’ve gotten a different place to live too now, I was also looking for different things now. And I found a lot of great stuff here for decorating a home or property. (All this stuff is available at Project Fur Japan – but I’ve also provided SLurls for the stores themselves since Project Fur Japan doesn’t go on forever.)

My old bed was to big for my new house so I got a new bedroom set that was more appropriate in size and look for my new home:

The Synnful Project Fur Japan Bedroom- from Simply Synnful Creations

The bed looks all pretty, it fit so nicely in my bedroom – but apparently, all you can do in it is … well, hump. In many different ways, I grant it – but for a girl who simply wants a bed to sleep in at night – it’s really not much use. At least so far I haven’t found the ‘sleep’ ball…

I guess I should know better than buying beds in SL and expecting to be able to just sleep in them. If however, you want it to entertain company in, I’m sure it will live up to your expectations!

Another thing I bought at the fundraiser is this camp site from Comfy Within.

Camp from Comfy Within

Besides the fire, the logs and pillows and the tree, this also comes with a tent and a table with benches, not shown here. I only wanted a nice camp fire area to hang out with friends and make pancakes at with the pan I bought at Fantasy Faire.

I like birds – and I really like taking care of wild birds in the winter so they are able to survive to spring – and to look at them while they come and eat right outside my window. So of course I had to have this bird house – complete with a couple of birds.

Cleo Design Bird House from Just my Imagination

I love this bird house – although it’s a bit autumn in it it’s design – and the birds are … well, they’re kind of huge! But still love it!

Right now this is my favorite spot in all of Second Life:

See the goldfish in the bowl on the table? Yeah, that’s right – Project Fur Japan too…

Take me Home – Goldie in a fishbowl (also comes in a huggable version) from A.D.D Andel Mainstore

Finally, I want to thank everybody who have chosen to become a part of Project Fur Japan by spending money and helping the animals. It has been a truly wonderful event, and regularly, group members have received messages full of joy because of the amounts raised – messages like this one:

OMGAHHHH! Sunday,10 Apr 2011 03:36:43 GMT

I can never ever ever ever express in words how much I appreciate EACH AND EVERY one of you!!! FIVE MILLION IN ONE WEEK! I honestly dont know what to say….I LOVE YOU ALL!!

or like this one:

OMGAHHH!Wednesday,13 Apr 2011 01:02:21 GMT
You currently have: L$6,000,956

More than anything, this also states clearly, that the people organizing this event truly care about the charity and this care has been a part of this whole event from the start. Thank you so much to the organizers behind this, and to everyone participating.

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