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Project Endless Possibilities (20): Shaman Kharg

(Below, you’ll find the essay style answers from Shaman Kharg, a satyr. You can read more about the project as well as find the previous entries here.)

Greetings, My name is Shaman Kharg, and I am 1213 days old.
My avatar is a satyr. I have not been a human av since my second or third day in SL, but I do have human av/outfits for certain purposes.

I suppose my av looks like me, to a certain extent – I had long hair when younger, and facial hair most of my adult life.

I do not make significant changes to this av any longer, as I feel it is complete – I have found myself. I am really not sure if I have chosen this form consciously, or it was an evolution of my own fantasies, brought forth in a world where I can be anything, and truly be seen by others as I wish to be perceived ~ a freedom rarely experienced in RL to this extent ~ but I have lived the life of one in RL, putting a high value on wine, women and song for many years, along with the excesses and darker sides represented by these creatures.

My signature look, through many incarnations, has always been the horns, be they the traditional style (faun) deer or moose antlers, a sci-fi set as a noob, (the satyr not really          here yet) or the black ram’s horns which are the staple now. Most of these forms, present one included, have also had a goatee – in the center of the lower lip, (as I wear in RL for the past 25 years), and of course, my goat legs.

The appearance of my av is important to me. I have seen many poorly executed av’s, whether they are the result of inferior design by the creators of the outfits/av’s, or just a seeming indifference/inexperience by the people behind the av themselves. Although this is a matter of personal style, and in some cases is by design, this is just my personal opinion. I wish to be unique, and look as closely as possible to my ideal of how a satyr should look.

As time went by, I realized I could express my inner feelings through the look of my AV, and slowly began moving from a more basic body/skin, with human legs, to different stylized satyrs – one a cartoonish outfit, another with parts of a minotaur – the legs now goat or bull like – and more animal type skins, and began collecting horns and antlers of a wide variety.  Each of these in succession moving closer to a more woodland creature than a furry. I am an avid nature lover, tree hugger, healer and practicing shaman in RL. A respect for mother nature, and all of her plants and animals began to express itself here, a place with almost none of the usual ridicule many have in RL for healers and sensitives. I had found a community of others like myself, whose only concerns were the spiritual growth of all  beings and the easing of pain. I had found an easy acceptance of things I had kept hidden from society, as if I was a witch in old Salem. I had come here looking for a game, and instead found friendship, community, a seeming lack of discrimination, companionship, art, music, and the knowledge that I was not so alone in the world, not an anomaly or an oddity.

I was home.

(Photos by Shaman Kharg.)

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