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Blue diamonds and purple skirts

When someone invites you to see their art and encloses a free car in the invite, well, you gotta go, right?

Unfortunately, I missed the opening of Betty Tureaud’s Expo – the big art installation Blue Diamond. And that’s a shame since I can imagine it must have been great fun racing around in this car with a lot of other people in their cars! But the installation is still worth checking out so hurry off to Pirats!

Another great thing in this week is of course The Dressing Room – and even more than usual because The Dressing Room is celebrating it’s one year anniversary! So again some great finds here!

So I’ve already have this skirt in Nude, but I love it – and I love purple so this was a given. A Must-Have! Sunglasses are also from both TDR and Fishy Strawberry – love both!

And well, Bad Monkey is having a big sale so got the fatpack of these shoes for … 200L$ I think. There are some nice shoes at that sale so go check it out!

Parts of this outfit is inspired by my friend Dido so check out her blog!

What I’m wearing:

  • Shirt: Momo Dress – Ioan Jogiches for Crazy
  • Skirt: Aragon Skirt (Lilac) – Fae Eriksen for Fishy Strawberry
  • Fishnets: Fishnet Tights (Purple) – Annyka Bekkers for Blowpop
  • Stockings: Striped socks (purple-white) – Erratic Rain for erratic
  • Shoes: Deanna Pump – Baby Monkey
  • Belt: Neko Belt Dolcessimo – nekonuko Nakamori for Cat’s Eye
  • Arm warmers: GlitchGlove (Violet-Blue) – Onyx LeShelle for Maitreya
  • Sun glasses: Vamp Glasses (Lilac) – Fae Eriksen for Fishy Strawberry
  • Bra: Leslie Lavander Bra – camilla Yosuke for Insolence
  • Hair: Minx (cranberry) – Truth Hawks for Truth Hair
  • Make-up: Make-up Layer 08 – aida Ewing for Glam Affair
  • Eyes: ‘Sunrise’ Eyes (Deep blue) – Ikon Innovia for FASHISM
  • Skin: Emma (fair, 06 Slate – copper brows – freckles)) – Tuli Asturias for Tuli
  • Shape: Bodyshape 1 (Avie) – Emilia Redgrave for REDGRAVE(modified by me)
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