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Project Endless Possibilities (19): Cattleya Bouras & Timour Carami

(Today’s post presents the satyr Cattleya Bouras and also the alt, the mer Timour Carami. You can read more about the project as well as find the previous entries here. And now – let’s meet Cattleya and Timour:)

  • Does your avatar look like or represent your real life self?

No, not at all

  • Do you make significant changes to your avatar often?

No, not often… only small changes to make it overall better.

  • Why have you chosen to have your avatar look like he does?

Cattleya: Because the character matches my RL character, and satyr is a fun creature.

Timour: Because the merman is appearing with beautiful moves in SL and is a fun character to create and play

Cattleya Bouras

  • Do you have a signature look?


  • Is it important to you how your avatar looks?

Yes, very important…

  • Do you have some basics that you always wear (certain color of hair, eyes or …)?

Both: Yes, chesthair, 3 day beard.

  • What does it mean to you how other avatars look? Do you avoid talking to some avatars because of their appearance?

When avatars are not looking good they don’t invite to talk to…….

Timour Carami

  • How has your perspective on your avatar and your thoughts about your appearance changed since you first joined Second Life?

Yes… its a challenge to look better and better.

  • Has Second Life influenced your Real Life in any way?

Hmm yes, less time for RL.

  • How do you view your avatar? Is it just a tool to be able to navigate SL, is it an aspect of your persona, a virtual representation of you or maybe your best friend?

My avatar(s) are a virtual representation of me  indeed.

Timour Carami

(Photos by Cattleya Bouras/Timour Carami.)

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