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Renewal of the identity crisis

Well, I’ve been having the same shape and skin for a while now (*cough cough* about a month, I think *cough cough*) and I still love it. But I’m beginning to feel that I need to add something, to make it more unique. Just not sure what. See the thing is, while reading the entries in Project Endless Possibilities, I’ve noticed that several seem to have either known from the get-go what they wanted to be and look like – while others have had their identity slowly fall into place. I’m definitely in the second group – but I desperately want to be in the first group. I’m not sure why because it’s kind of fun watching it develop. But still – I’m searching for uniqueness.

I’ve tried bunny ears … not the playboy version but black lop bunny ears and while they were nice, it still didn’t feel quite like me. I’ve also tried various furry avatars but the thing is, I like clothes and shoes and I shop a lot so I don’t really want to have to change everything I buy to be able to wear it. So what then? I’ve considered antlers and tattoos but I have friends doing these so … Besides, is it really me?

Forest of Light – Fantasy Faire

So yesterday I decided to finally start checking out Fantasy Faire. I’ve been wanting to for ages but been busy with Pose Fair – turns out that was a mistake, since Fantasy Faire ends first… So I went yesterday and started. Made it to the second shop then I started talking with a Fae and ended up tagging along her to Terabithia where I got to wear my beautiful newly bought wings and play a fae all evening long and a bit into the night.

I had a lot of fun – at first, there was a lot to remember and learn and keep track of but as the time went by, I started to get more into character and more into the story going on, both the smaller spontaneous ones but also the bigger story arch. (So thanks so much for helping me out, Niamh! You’re a sweetheart!)

But what I’m wondering now is, where does being a fae fit into being me? Last night I was toying with the idea of being a fae, hiding out in the human world – but in the light of day … I don’t know. I still like having only one avi and using that for whatever I want to do in SL. Maybe I’m just RPing a fae – I’ve done a bit of RP in RL, so it would definitely be in character …

Been pondering what to do all day – also while wandering around again at Fantasy Faire. Wow – Forest of Light is an amazingly beautiful sim!

Forest of Light – Fantasy Faire

Am I making things too complicated? Probably – but I’m afraid that’s pretty much in character …

One of the stores at Forest of Light – Fantasy Faire

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