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In the army now …

In Second Life, you sometimes have to fight various battles. The one fought most often – and also the one that causes the most trouble and irritation – is the fight against lag. Today, I had high hopes for what I wanted to do. I wanted to visit both Fantasy Fair and Pose Fair so I wore my best military outfit to be ready to fight the lag in style. (Yeah, yeah, I know – at Pose Fair they actually give out free skins to wear while shopping to cause less lag – but who wants to be pink all over (except my two year old daughter, of course)?) So I decided on wearing this very cute military outfit from Miel along with some torn stockings (sighs – those roses have some serious torns!), boots made for walking and of course a set of dog tags if I should loose the battle against lag. And a bit of prettiness with flowers in the hair and pink nails – the army I’ve joined, is a bit girly ;-P

What I’m wearing:

  • Dress: Miel Tary Skirt (Camo) – Miel Nirvana for Miel
  • Stockings: Kimiko Torn Stockings – Tera Gearz for Dirty Lynx
  • Shoes: Docs (8 hole F Black – old polish – old laces – abused) – by Gospel Voom for Gos
  • Jewelry: Dogtags – Tonk Tomcat for Tonktastic
  • Nails: Nails No. 001 (pink) – je suis naive
  • Hair: Yves Hair (FireTop) – Lelutka
  • Eyes: ‘Sunrise’ Eyes (Deep blue) – Fashism (bought at Fashion for Life. Fashism hasn’t got a store in-world yet.)
  • Skin: Emma (fair, 06 Slate – copper brows – freckles (light, sunkissed)) – Tuli Asturias for Tuli
  • Shape: Emma – Tuli Asturias for Tuli (modified by me)

I’m afraid I must admit that I lost today. I gave up on Fantasy Fair – too slow, too much lag – and Pose Fair? The lag won. Suddenly my L$ balance was -1 … and that wasn’t what I entered the Fair with and it was not because of excessive shopping. I got one pose, got to the second vendor, tried to buy – and all money gone … sighs … so will have to go back…

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