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Project Endless Possibilities (10): Ewokian Pessoa

(Today, as the 10th installment, it’s Ewokian, a very nice Neko, who talks about his avatar. You can read more about the project as well as find the previous entries here.)

  • Does your avatar look like or represent your real life self?

Not so much, I would say it’s a mix of me and my real life cats! I am a neko, which is a hybrid for those that do not know, part feline part human. Now aside from any roleplay I am myself, just as you would meet me in real life. So the person is the same, the looks are just different, a bit like if I went through a process of evolving.

  • Do you make significant changes to your avatar often?

Not really, but then again I’m a man and if we change pants twice a week it’s because someone might be getting lucky. No, really, the only thing I change are the shirts and jackets, I do not touch my tattoos, tail, ears, eyes and boots.

  • Why have you chosen to have your avatar look like he/she/it does?

I started Second Life as a human, not aware of nekos in Second Life at the time, only a month after being online I started to explore more and living in roleplay sims, and since back then, 2007, I’m a neko. The major plus about being one is having the ability to go beyond human reactions and instincts, at the same time I relate to cats, I’m a cat lover by nature so it is fun to be able to purr, to swish my tail, to roleplay their personality at the same time I keep my human personality .

  • Do you have a signature look?

I do prefer to have others speak about this, because I always got the same reaction from the feminine population. When I molded the avatar to my liking I had no intention to make it a sexy avatar or whatever. I created an avatar that I liked it, that I felt comfortable with and thought it looked realistic, never ever did I try to have a signature look.

  • Is it important to you how your avatar looks?

Since day one, because one of the first impressions one gets is how someone looks like, and that is important, it shows how much you put into second life, your effort to be original and creative, but at the same time I thrive to look as realistic as it gets, I would never create an avatar as most men in SL do, the gigantic muscles, god knows how tall or the tiny and skinny type.

  • Do you have some basics that you always wear (certain color of hair, eyes or …)?

Always same eyes, tail, ears and boots. Oh, also my gauntlets and tattoos. I could almost say pants, since I rarely change them. Regarding my hair, well, we nekos, or at least me, find it hard to cover human ears. Most guy hair does not cover them or the ones that do don’t look good on me (from my perspective of course), so I use two versions, one that is a beanie (wear it with some goggles) and another that is a mohawk, this last one I use it with a mask that covers my human ears.

  • What does it mean to you how other avatars look? Do you avoid talking to some avatars because of their appearance?

It is important to a certain extent, I mean, if you have been in Second Life long enough then I would expect that you put an effort to make yourself look non-noobish (not appealing, you can look like a zombie and still look good as one), I confess that I avoid talking to avatars that clearly don’t have good and detailed hair or an AO, that is just an example, now if you have been in Second Life for just a month, then it is understandable you are still getting to know where to get stuff. Now being in Second Life for the last 4 years I noticed the changes, regarding what the market has to offer, when someone creates a new account mainly, due to the extraordinary variety of stores, one can get better freebies. The marketplace should be a starting point for everyone, I could say that with a little patience and 500 lindens top (or less), you can get a very original avatar with 2 outfits at least (girls are the lucky ones here, since for guys it is hard at times to find good stuff). I sometimes help out at infohubs or even the Help Island and always mention the marketplace to new members. Now I have to say that I understand if someone does not want to put money into SL, but come on, there are lucky chairs and MM Boards at the best shops so you just need to take like a couple hours and you’re ready for SL.

  • How has your perspective on your avatar and your thoughts about your appearance changed since you first joined Second Life?

My avatar changed three times over the time I’ve spent in SL, only because skins, hair and everything else got better as the years went by and, well, I got better at working with the tools SL gives us. I would say I evolved.

  • Has Second Life influenced your Real Life in any way?

Aside from having friends that I met in Second Life be part of my real life I can say that if I wasn’t in Second Life I’d be doing something else on the web. I took a break from SL in the past, for about 6 month and lived to tell the tale… Now there are some aspects, some stories, that messed with my real life and could have changed my future in RL, but I won’t get into that since I don’t talk about it with the whole wide world, just friends.

  • How do you view your avatar? Is it just a tool to be able to navigate SL, is it an aspect of your persona, a virtual representation of you or maybe your best friend?

As I said before, just me after evolved, even if it seems weird and most won’t be able to imagine it in real life, an human with tail and cat ears. I’m sure most would look at me as a freak, a bit like some look to gay people or someone from a different race and color. Not that I care if I’m happy with myself. My avatar is someone I cannot be in real life, it’s a better me I’d say.

(Photos by Ewokian Pessoa)

(Ewo is doing an amazing project where he tries to take pictures of all Neko in Second Life. Go here to see the 2011 The Year of Neko Retrospective at Flickr, and here to see The Wall of nekos on the grid. Ewo wants to capture the essence of Neko and show the uniqueness of each and every one. So IM him, pick your outfit and get your picture taken!)

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