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It’s raining … sighs …

A couple of days ago, it was raining. I walked around with my umbrella all day. After a few days of spring, I was beginning to look for spring clothes – and getting ready to shop more importantly – but now it’s raining again, the wind is actually howling and it feels like late late autumn. So while I refused to go back to winter clothes, I did put on a shrug over my shirt and I got the umbrella out.

What I’m wearing:

  • Jeans: Purple Jeans ripped – Enya Meriadoc for .:DaMa
  • Boots: Thecla Boots (sea) – Jackal Ennui for Lassitude & Ennui
  • Shirt: Good things shirt (blue) – Enya Meriadoc for .:DaMa
  • Shrug: Minishrug (lavender) – Ophelia Demina for *BOOM*
  • Bag: Kawaii Baggu – Maya Levane for Tokidoki
  • Umbrella: Black Umbrella – Fraülein Edelman for Old Time Prims (got it free at Marketplace)
  • Hair: Nadine 2 (cranberry) – Truth Hawks for Truth Hair

But rainy days don’t stop me from exploring and I went to two places that both really just spoke to me – but on very very different levels. Let’s take the serious one first.

I went to Gracie Kendal’s 1000+ Avatar project and it’s just amazing. I’ve looked at it at the blog but to stand in the middle of it and look at all the pictures of avatars around you, the scope of this thing is just mind-blowing. Especially because I don’t think there are two look-alikes anywhere. Now, I know that we have all the choices in the world – but still. To see all the creativity in that place – wow. I’m so impressed by the amount of avatars Gracie has gotten to join in – and everybody should just go see this place. The sooner the better – and then come back and look again and again.

And the second place I went – well, that is definitely not for everyone. Nope. Not at all. But it did bring out both my inner fan girl, my child of the 80s memories and the remembrance of  … let’s call it obsessive collecting.

See the thing is – I have an obsession. Or at least had an obsession. (It’s not all bad – it led to collection being the theme of my Master’s Thesis.) The obsession concerns My Little Ponies – particularly the ones which came out in the 80s. I love them. Not as much as I did – at least I don’t surf Ebay every day any more. So when I found a My Little Pony avatar shop – I just had to go. And I knew exactly which pony I had to get. So here I am – as Firefly, my all-time favorite My Little Pony.

Now I know, I know that I’ve stated that I wanted to be me – and being a My Little Pony isn’t quite fitting into what I’ve said so far. But I don’t think that I’m going to use it. At least not now. But I just had to have it. It’s not a perfect avatar but if you would like your own pony avatar, get it here (third floor).

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