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Project Endless Possibilities (1): Quaezar Agnomen

(This is the first post in Project Endless Possibilities. Read more about the project here. Without further ado, I’m giving you Qaezar Agnomen:)
Quaezar’s 2011 look
•    Does your avatar look like or represent your real life self?

No, my avatar is not a represent of me in RL. I used to shape-shift a lot and till a couple of months ago I did have the same human avatar as I had from the start when I joined SL in 2007. The avatar I have now is designed by my lady.
She offered me to change my 2007 avatar into a new modern 2010 avatar.

•    Do you make significant changes to your avatar often?
No significant changes, just changes my clothing, hair once in a while.

•    Why have you chosen to have your avatar look like he/she/it does?
This is really a question my lady should answer. She said she liked the appearance of the new avatar because he looks tough

•    Do you have a signature look?
No not really, The clothing I wear is depending on what activities I am attending.
When I do not have to attend a official meeting I like to dress casual

•    Is it important to you how your avatar looks?
For me not really, my perception on VR world stays pretty much the same… I know that when I interact with another that nothing is what is seems. A woman with a nice looking avatar can actually be a hairy man or an avatar that looks like a hairy man is in RL a nice looking woman.
I interaction with another avatar I try to sense the other by how someone is responding in a conversation.
But I do notice that how people approach you is a lot related to what your avatar looks like.

•    Do you have some basics that you always wear (certain color of hair, eyes or …)?
Besides I always wear my mystitool I can change all I am wearing.. depending on my mood.

Quaezar’s 2007 look

(Photos by Quaezar Agnomen)

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