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Wildstar Writer at the Oceanus

A couple of days ago, I met Wildstar Writer at his gallery because I had issues with one of his photos (turned out that if you turn the picture towards the wall, then you’re not able to see it … yeah, I’m not that bright – blonde for a reason!). Anyways, Wild was the sweetest guy, we talked for a while and he was the one who figured out what I had done wrong and now his photos look beautiful in my home.

Anyways, Wild invited me to join a couple of groups so I would be invited to come hear him play – and tonight, I went for the first time.

First of, I have to say that the venue is amazing. Oceanus is an underwater club and it’s just so beautiful. Hopefully you can catch a glimpse of the ocean surrounding the club – how cool is it to party underwater?

Second of, I of course have to mention the music. Yesterday, I went to another gig and, well, let’s just say that I disliked it and left very quickly. But today – I love Wild’s voice, the music sounds great and he plays some great tunes by different artists (Beatles, Metallica, Eric Clapton and a beautiful one called Spookin’ the Horses – never heard that one before but it was beautiful) – as well as by himself, I think (at least there was a song about Second Life so …).

I love it all – unfortunately, I had to leave early – but I’ll definitely come back. Both the club and concerts with Wild is definitely something to see!

(Originally posted at bunnylibris.wordpress.com, February 21 2011)

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