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What kind of signals are we sending?

When I joined Second Life, I was drawn to a kind of avatar and clothing that were … let’s just call it sexy. And when wearing outfits like the one featured in this post, I was chatted up a lot – a lot, a lot! – by guys and girls. And it was very clear what a lot of them wanted. Some of them were very explicit about it ‘lesbian sex, you and me CLIMAX’. I declined all such offers but it got me thinking.

In the real world, if a girl dresses sexy and provocatively, she is chatted up a lot. Sometimes she is more than chatted up and if something happens to her, some people believe it to be her fault, because she invited it by looking that way. I don’t subscribe to this line of thought but it is a bit weird to me when the same thing happens in Second Life. Let’s face it, a lot of the (female) avatars are looking sexy. And if you just want to get some hot pixel loving, maybe that’s all there is to it. But I like to see the avatars as some kind of expression of the person who is sitting behind the screen and in that case, maybe pixel loving isn’t all there is to it.

Maybe it’s me who’s completely missing the point here. Since you can be anything  you want in SL and you choose to be explicitly sexy and very provocative dressed, isn’t that because you want something? Maybe – in SL, not RL – when dressing like this and not wanting any action, I am sending the wrong signals after all …

What I’m wearing:

This was/is one of my favourite outfits to wear while going out dancing. It looks great when you move in it as does the hair, it’s see-through and sexy all the way. (Although I do have an issue with the boots – they look a bit strange?)

It might be a bit porn model (especially with the hair) but for this skin and shape, I still love it, no matter what signals I’m sending.

(Originally posted at bunnylibris.wordpress.com, February 24 2011)

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