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Garden City Relief – for the Victims of the New Zealand earthquake

On February 22, New Zealand was hit by a magnitude 6.3 earthquake. The city of Christchurch was the core of the earthquake. So far 113 people are confirmed dead and 200 are still missing in this tragic event, the worst natural disaster in New Zealand in 80 years.

To support the many victims of the earthquake in New Zealand, you have several options inside the grid:

  • Shop at Puarangi Designs: 100 percent of all sales will go to the New Zeland Red Cross.
  • Shop at the Garden City Relief fundraiser event: Here designers offer items for sale with proceeds to benefit the New Xeland Red Cross.
  • Donate to GardenCityReliefResident

For more info read the blog! http://gardencityreliefsl.wordpress.com/

There are lots of great stuff at both the Puarangi Designs store and at the fundraiser event – so it’s worth it to go there although it takes some time to be able to see what’s on offer at the event. At least it did on my computer!

What I’m wearing:

  • Shape: Lucy (C-cup) – Fade Lei for Ugly Duck
  • Skin: Lucy Nude – Fade Lei for Ugly Duck
  • Hair: Adele (Lower and Upper – Snow) – Truth Hawks for Truth Hair
  • Eyes: Shine Monet Fern – Brandy Rasmussen for Exile
  • Dress: Raven Sparklefairy – Winter Jefferson for Miamai
  • Ring: Black Lily – Hibiscus Flossberg for Puarangi Designs
  • Ankle socks and shoes: 3″ Ankle Multicolor Boots (Black leather boots with pink socks/warmers) – N-core design (free gift)
  • Stockings: Xtreme Heel II (Black) – N-core design (free gift – comes with shoes)
  • Bracelet: Bangles (brown wood) – Fishy Strawberry (free gift)

On the notecard accompanying the dress, you can read that it is made for a five year old self ordained princess and is therefore of course pink and sparkly, with hearts and butterflies – half princess and half ballerina. So to toughen it up a bit I added the boots and ankle socks.

The dress was originally made as a fundraising item to the Extend A Helping Hand charity to help the victims of the flood in Queensland, Australia. And now it takes another turn to benefit the earthquake victims of New Zealand and the Garden City Relief.

(Originally posted at bunnylibris.wordpress.com, February 26 2011)

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