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Blonde and tall one day, small and Asian the next (and Fade Lei fangirl)

How often is it fair to change your appearance? I mean, I change outfits and hair all the time – but what about skin and shape? Can I be a tall (freakishly tall, actually) tanned blonde girl on Monday and then a petite Asian girl with red hair on Tuesday? If I change like this, am I still me then? Or should I keep to smaller changes – like changing from white hair to a more blonde look and back, and only change skins and shapes that are closer to what I look right now? I realize there’s no way that I can slowly work my way from the tall blonde to the tiny Asian redhead by changing only small things every day so it looks like a natural progression from one to the other – but I’m just not sure that I can be both.

Because even though my avatar doesn’t look like me, I can in some ways identify with her – and I try to choose her clothes so they fit her – not just fit like sit nicely on her body, but fit in the way that they reflect her personality. I sometimes don’t buy cool clothes because it doesn’t fit my avatar personality. And I don’t want to have an alternate either – no split personality here. So what to do?

Is this just because I’m new in SL – when you’ve been in SL for a long time, do you then get comfortable by making drastic changes in your avatar?

I hope I find a way around this because I have completely fallen in love with Fade Lei’s handdrawn skins for Ugly Duck (you can see some on her blog here). And the Lucy shape and skins are blonde… And I do love a lot of Japanese fashion

The 3rd Vanity Universe Skin Fair opened yesterday so I’m going to go there and look at skins … if it’s ever possible to teleport there! Maybe I’ll look completely different by tomorrow – when I plan on going to Virtual London Fashion Week!

Today, I went out and explored a bit. I went toDimrill Dale at the Calas Gladhon sim. Dimrill Dale has a lot of opportunities – there’s various ways of exploring the park both by ballon and you can also bring your own horse and ride around. There’s also a pretty setting for a small wedding here.

First, I enjoyed a lovely glass of Iced tea while sitting and looking at the water, then I explored the park a bit – and took a couple of pictures of this great outfit I bought recently.

Besides the outfit which I really like – mostly because of all the variety in it, you can wear the pants and shirt with the lingerie and the suspenders, take of the shirt and look very hot with the pink bra, black pants and black suspenders or use the lingerie on it’s own – I just want to mention the boots as well. Everyone needs a pair of shiny black boots with a great heel – and these fit the bill perfectly as well as have a couple of extra details to make them stand out a bit.

What I’m wearing:

  • Outfit: *X*plosion Vicious Pants set – Kaliha Noel for Xplosion
  • Shoes: G&D Boots Amalia Black dx – G&D The italian Style
  • Jewelry: Avenue Anniversary Earrings and necklace (pink) – Alienbear Gupte for Alienbear
  • Skin: Skin: Sintimacy (Marketa – warm – pink) – Istephanija Munro for Naked Pleasures
  • Hair: *X*plosion Hair *Daliha Diamants* – Xplosion

PS – I think I have sold myself on buying that Lucy shape and skin … but I’m going to the Skin Fair first to see if anything else looks better – but I really like that skin!

(Uh – and finally, I apologize for the pictures. They don’t look as good or sharp in the old viewer I’m forced to use to be able to enter SL at all unfortunately. Hopefully, the ticket I’ve opened with Linden Lab Support will soon be solved.)

Oh (this post never ends!) – when standing in the Ugly Duck store and drooling over the Lucy shape – suddenly Fade Lei herself is standing there – in the coolest outfit possible, inspired by Alice in Wonderland. I went completely fan girl and got to take some pictures of us together… She is just a perfect example of a kind of aesthetic I just love to pieces And now there’s no way in …. that I’m not going to get that shape and skin!

Look at her – she looks cute and pretty and I look tall and butch next to her. She gave me a link to a post on her blog (again: Ugly Duck blog here) where I could really see her outfit – but I’m not sure it is up yet so I’m not going to spoil her moment by sharing it before she does!

Enough rambling – but just look at her … sighs …

(Edit: She has posted it to her blog so here’s the link to the picture she gave me: Alice)

(Originally posted at bunnylibris.wordpress.com, February 21 2011)

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