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Big hands, BIG HANDS!

Well, I took the plunge. I bought myself a new shape and skin – and I’m absolutely loving it. I feel like it gives me an edge I haven’t had before. Some of the clothes that I really loved, didn’t work perfectly on my Sintimacy Marketa shape and skin – but it’s beautiful, beautiful, beautiful on my new Ugly Duck Lucy shape and skin.

But I’m staying blonde! I know it’s a stereotype but I need to be blonde – I’m just not always that bright or at least I’m very naive.
See, I tried on this new shape and skin and my first thought was ‘OMG Big feet, big feet!’ And then I noticed the hands … And I was crushed. How could should a pretty and petite little thing have such big hands???

I tried on all the shapes – and they were all the same. I was devastated – what to do? Did I have to run all over the grid to find a shape that fitted my pretty skin? Or should I just give up on this shape?

And then I read the notecard that came with every single shape – and read that the demo models all have big hands (and feet)… Duh! Yes, well, sometimes you really need to read the notecards the designers provide you with – especially when there’s something that just seems so way way off… But I didn’t – but if I had, it would have saved me a bit of heartache…

So here’s to staying blonde – but blonde and beautiful in a new, more quirky way.

What I’m wearing:

  • Shape: Lucy (C-cup) – Fade Lei for Ugly Duck
  • Skin: Lucy Nude – Fade Lei for Ugly Duck
  • Hair: Adele (Lower and Upper – Snow) – Truth Hawks for Truth Hair
  • Eyes: Shine Monet Fern – Brandy Rasmussen for Exile
  • Lingerie: Worship White – Candy Parkin for Tall Poppy

And you know you want to see a picture of the BIG HANDS!!! ;-P

(Still wearing the same – just a demo of the Lucy body!)

(Originally posted at bunnylibris.wordpress.com, February 25 2011)

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