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Art Hunt (part 1)

After reading about the art hunt, I decided to try this as my first hunt. It was a total blast. Travelling from gallery to gallery, looking at art pieces while searching for palettes and then getting art as prices – what’s not to love???

The participating galleries are very different – and very unique.

I really loved the Patron Art Decor and Gallery. The landscape was just so beautiful and there was some interactive stuff to do. Inside, lots of beautiful decor items – only trouble was that I had a hard time moving around. Either I was complete stuck – just running in place – or else I was just walking and walking, through walls and everything. And I had a hard time picking up the palette here but finally succeeded. (But all of Second Life was slow for me that night so it wasn’t just this place.)

And then I interrupted my hunt because I wasn’t completely satisfied with my outfit so I went out searching for new shoes. I went looking in a couple of stores – and ended up creating the right look by combining two freebies from N-core Designs. I love these small boots with socks too – you can change the color of both shoes and socks, not wear the socks and more. Love that! And the best thing is that they are free – join the club and get the boots (along with some great heels which comes with a great selection of stockings). This time I chose the red boot with gray socks. Chances are you’ll see me in these boots again!

To show off my outfit I went to one of my favorite places – World’s End Garden.

What I’m wearing:

  • Shape: Lucy (C-cup) – Fade Lei for Ugly Duck
  • Skin: Lucy Nude – Fade Lei for Ugly Duck
  • Hair: Adele (Lower and Upper – Snow) – Truth Hawks for Truth Hair
  • Dress: Girl’s Mind – Amerie Splitteler for Amerie
  • Ankle socks and shoes: 3″ Ankle Multicolor Boots (Red leather boots with dark gray socks/warmers) – N-core design (free gift)
  • Stockings: Xtreme Heel II (Fishnet) – N-core design (free gift – comes with shoes)

When I bought this dress, I was actually a bit disappointed. I thought it was a bit too sweet and without any edge. But after I added the fishnet stockings and the boots and socks, I just love, love, love it and it’s been my several outfit for several days. If you’ve seen me around the grid in the last couple of days, I’ve been wearing this most of the times! Love it!

And I love the big red bow on the back and the low-cut back! And I love the fishnet stockings!

(Originally posted at bunnylibris.wordpress.com, February 26 2011)

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